Terms & Conditions of Token Sale
Declaration to agree:

- I confirm that I have read and understand the DataXchain WHITE PAPER and that I expressly accept all risks associated with my purchase, holding and use of DXCT.

- I confirm that I have read and understand the DataXchain - TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TOKEN SALE AND USAGE and that I expressly accept all terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations and warranties described in this document and agree to be bound by them.

- I confirm that I have obtained separate advice from my own legal, financial, tax or other professional adviser in relation to my purchase, holding and use of DXCT and I am responsible for my own decision to purchase, hold or use DXCT. I will not hold Tobelet Pte. Ltd., its related companies, any of the project team members, or any of their distributors, vendors or service providers liable for any kind of direct or indirect damage or loss whatsoever which I may suffer in connection with purchasing, holding or using DXCT.

- I confirm that I (or the entity which I represent, as the case may be) am/is not a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise), domiciliary and/or green card holder or other similar certificate of residency of, or incorporated / constituted in (as applicable), a country (a) which prohibits the purchase of any virtual currency, participation in token sales, or other similar activities, or (b) where it is likely that the sale of DXCT would be construed as the sale of a security (howsoever named) or investment product (including without limitation the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and People's Republic of China), or (c) which is the subject of any sanctions administered or enforced by any country or government or international authority (and neither I nor the entity which I represent is the subject of any such sanctions), (including without limitation Cuba, North Korea, Serbia, Tunisia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Congo, South Sudan, Sudan (north), Sudan (Darfur), Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela).

- I confirm that I am not a politically exposed person. Notice: By submitting this KYC form, you undertake that all information and material provided are true and authentic. You shall indemnify us for any claims, demands, actions, damages, losses, costs and expenses caused by false or misleading information. We reserve the right to reject any person if upon audit and additional review, we discover omissions or any matter which may be a cause for concern. It is our sole discretion to reject KYC applications and there is no appeal process.

- Participants must ensure that the purchase and use of Tokens and/or cryptocurrency is legal in their respective country of citizenship or residence or tax residence, and that the same is not considered as securities trading, initial public offering or crowdfunding activities.

Owing to legal restrictions, this Token Sale is not accessible to any U.S. Persons unless they are “accredited investors” within the meaning of Rule 501(a) of the U.S. Securities Act and provide evidence of their status as accredited investors that is satisfactory to Paymium in its sole discretion. More information about these requirements is provided in the “Accredited Investor Questionnaire” available from Paymium upon request.

This form does not constitute an offer, an invitation or a recommendation to invest, to sell or buy any security or any right, by DataXchain or any related or associated company in any jurisdiction.

None of the information or analysis described in this document is intended to provide a basis for the purchase or sale of any product or service of any nature whatsoever.

The laws and regulations of the countries and regions that may govern the Project may evolve significantly in a way that cannot currently be anticipated.

As a result, the project borne by Tobelet Pte. Ltd., as presented in this document, may have to be amended, limited or abandoned (depending on the country or region) owing to technical, legal, economic or other constraints imposed by regulatory authorities, third parties or by Tobelet Pte. Ltd. itself on its operations.

Tobelet Pte. Ltd., its related companies therefore expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability of any kind arising directly or indirectly from: (i) any information contained in this document, (ii) any error, omission or inaccuracy in said information, or (iii) any resulting action that may be brought.

I have read and understood the DXCT token sale Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and hereby agree to them. I’m not a resident, citizen, registered person from the mentioned countries in Terms and Conditions of Token Sale.